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Install Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker

Guides for deploying Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker, a continuous integration and software delivery platform built on top of SpinnakerTM, in your air-gapped, local, or cloud environment (AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, OpenShift). Use the Armory Operator for Kubernetes to install Armory Enterprise, or use the open source Operator to install open source Spinnaker in Kubernetes.

Armory Enterprise requires a license. For more information, contact Armory.

Methods for installing Armory Enterprise

There are several methods to install Armory Enterprise or open source Spinnaker:

Method Environment Description Benefits
Armory Operator Kubernetes Operator that enables you to configure Armory Enterprise declaratively GitOps friendly and ready for production use
Armory Halyard Kubernetes Versatile command line interface to configure and deploy Armory Enterprise Quick Setup
Minnaker MacOS, Linux, Windows Spin up a whole environment on top of Rancher K3s to deploy Armory Enterprise or Spinnaker This is ideal if you do not have a Kubernetes cluster available and want to try out Armory Enterprise or Spinnaker
Operator Kubernetes An open source Kubernetes Operator that installs open source Spinnaker GitOps friendly and ready for production use

All the preceding methods share similar configurations, and you can migrate between them if your needs change.

Armory Enterprise does not generate default usernames and passwords for user accounts for any service. Manage these by configuring authentication and authorization for Armory Enterprise.


Based on your environment, use one of the following guides to help you install Armory Enterprise:

Guide Environment Description
Air Gapped Air-gapped environments that use Halyard or Operator Learn how to host your own Bill of Materials to install Armory Enterprise in air-gapped environments.
AWS Marketplace AWS One-click install from the AWS marketplace.
Install on Kubernetes Halyard, Operator General workflow for installing Armory Enterprise on Kubernetes
Install on AWS AWS, Halyard Installation steps for AWS, including IAM configuration
Install on AWS EC2 with Operator AWS EC2, Operator Installation steps for using Armory Operator to install Armory Enterprise in a Lightweight Kubernetes (K3s) instance for POCs
Install on AKS AKS, Halyard Installation steps for Azure Kubernetes Service
Install on GKE GKE, Halyard Installation steps for Google Kubernetes Engine
Install on GKE with Operator GKE, Operator Installation steps for Google Kubernetes Engine using Operator
Configuring Halyard Halyard Description of Armory-extended Halyard configurations

Deploy Armory Enterprise or Spinnaker Using Kubernetes Operators

Armory provides Kubernetes Operators that make it easy to install, deploy, and upgrade Armory Enterprise or Spinnaker. This section covers advantages, configuration, deployment, and migration from Halyard to the Operator.

Armory Halyard

Armory-extended Halyard is a versatile command line interface (CLI) to configure and deploy Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker in Kubernetes or any cloud environment.

Install Spinnaker on Lightweight Kubernetes using Minnaker

Install Spinnaker or Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker in less than 10 minutes in a Lightweight Kubernetes (k3s) environment using the all-in-one, open source command line tool called Minnaker.

Guides for Installing Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker

This section details deploying Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker in Kubernetes, OpenShift, Azure, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and Amazon Web Sevices (AWS), including from the AWS or RedHat marketplaces. Instructions cover using Halyard, the Armory Operator, or the open source Operator for Kubernetes in local, cloud, and air-gapped environments.

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